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I was younger and more idealistic then. There were a few things I didn't get. I'm not saying I get it all now, but I get slightly more of it. I think rather pompously I felt the Mail was leading people to chunter. The Daily Mail know they've got a hit when it makes you raise your eyes and go 'What is the world coming to!

And I used to think 'Poor old readers. Why can't we give them some more happiness?

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So far, so very hippie. But there were political and practical considerations too. I'm a liberal. I've always been somewhere to the left of centre. The Daily Mail used to annoy me. And it does still, but I've had to develop a thick skin about it. Besides I'd been very happy there for as long as my main point of contact was Peter Wright. When he left to become editor of the Mail on Sunday , I sort of fell between various stools at Associated which made it easier for me to slip away from them.

The chance to join the Daily Express under Boycott was "too much for an unreconstructed hippie to resist". But executives were suspicious of him at first. The Express agreed to give him a far greater cut. He says: "I said [to the Express ], 'Let me stand or fall on what I make on the phonelines. You can't afford to pay me so don't even try. But the dream turned sour when Richard Desmond, with his adult publishing baggage, took over the group. By comparison their transgressions were minor. I had gone to the Express to join Rosie and one thing was clear: the feminist co-founder of Spare Rib was never going to work that well with the publisher of Readers' Wives.

I was there the day Richard Desmond first turned up and I still remember the look on her face. Cainer, who divides his time between London and Yorkshire, was determined to do his homework first. He reveals he went out to buy a copy of Readers' Wives to see what all the fuss was about. It isn't quite as simple as saying I took a moralistic view about pictures of naked people in suggestive poses. It suddenly also occurred to me that the world's oldest profession was probably astrology rather than prostitution.

Long before anyone thought of charging for sex I am sure there were people abusing their knowledge of where the planets were in order to gain power over others. With hindsight, he says he should have returned to the Mail , but he found then Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan's offer to give him a higher profile by placing the horoscopes on page nine impossible to refuse. However, the experiment failed. Horoscopes, it turns out, don't work at the front of the book. Cainer felt that he was being gradually sidelined, becoming "just another voice" by the crossword and the cartoons.

The Mail wanted Cainer back, but Morgan forced him to see out his contract which led the pair to court. Cainer denies he felt any embarrassment at returning to the newspaper he had publicly attacked. I feel a bit bad about some of the things I said in retrospect. But by the time I returned I had worked for four national newspapers and I'd seen something about journalism that I didn't know before.

They take that line because that's the line their readers like them to take. My job is to tell them what's in their hearts and in their relationship with the sky, not to tell them what's right for them politically. And besides which, the Mail has never censored a single word I've written. Jonathan Cainer was born in Surbiton, Surrey, in His mother left home with his two younger brothers when he was 12, which he describes as "a traumatic experience at a very impressionable age".

A day later, his father moved his girlfriend into the family home. Cainer dropped out of school at 15 without O-levels. He ended up in America with his brother decorating houses and managing a nightclub in Los Angeles.

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It was there that Charles John Quarto, a well-known "psychic, mystic and astrologer", gave him the reading that changed his life. Cainer rejected it out of hand as "the ramblings of a LA stoner", yet he found himself in a bookshop one day picking up a book called Instant Astrology. I was in California; astrology was everywhere. And one of the world's most successful astrologers - genius or crank, depending on your point of view - was born. When I tell him that I'm deeply sceptical about horoscopes, he demurs.

These days I think the safest answer is to say it's a belief system with some very rigid dogma. We are taught to believe that Saturn means restriction and Jupiter means expansion. It's scientific in as much as we have to have accurate planetary positions and it's based on actual physical phenomena. But it's a form of divination ultimately, a glorious blending of occult and science. Writing horoscopes, he continues, does come with serious responsibilities. Astrology columns are taken very seriously by people in need.

Some of my readers are having a crap time and as an astrologer I know this because I study the cycle of crap times. Cainer once heard a reader committed suicide after reading one of his horoscopes. And they did it. They killed themselves. I had to wrestle with it for a long time. But I'm not going to carry the blame for it. They were obviously in that frame of mind. They would have done it anyway. I didn't write 'End it all today'. But ever since I knew I could have an effect like that on somebody, one of the many filters I put a horoscope through is a 'top yourself' filter.

I look for it now. Particularly when a zodiac sign is going through a hard time anyway I look and ask myself whether what I write could be misinterpreted. Today, Cainer worries about his failure to predict big events like terrorist attacks and natural disasters. But then I hadn't been looking for them. Colleagues who had knew that something grim would be happening but they couldn't say what.

By and large these things come right off our radar. As I leave, Cainer is off to meet his great friend and fellow misunderstood psychic, Uri Geller. I've seen him do it too many times. And if it's a trick why is it the only trick this highly intelligent man performs? If he could do more he would.

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This could be more than one individual holding up a mirror that reflects so many facets of who you are. The people you interact with, meet and encounter are all aspects of you. Partners past, present and potential will feature — and remember this includes business and collaborative partners as well as your closest friends. The universe will send through the perfect partnership dynamic this month via which you evolve your soul by relating to yourself better.

Once we know — we can go get it or attract it. Existing connections can be strengthened and re-formed with this knowledge. So, get ready to re-shape love this October! From the start of the second week of the month, you have all the attraction factor and help you need to send out that attraction vibe and see what reflects back at you.

And this includes starting that partnership discussion as Mercury arrives in your 7 th the same day 3 rd. Whatever or whoever you are seeking in terms of that dynamic duo opportunity — get your message out there or search for who is broadcasting on your frequency. The 7 th favours saying it differently and anything to do with the internet — from dating to that job search as Mercury in your 7 th opposes Uranus in your 1 st.

Others could receive surprising news in turn which puts a positive spin on interactions between you and another. Mars in your 6 th gives you the confidence to tackle those work tasks, take on that project or apply for that position.

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Take care not to rush however or to overlook key details in your desire to get the job done or pursue that agenda! The full Moon in your 12 th on the 13 th occurs the same day as ruler Venus opposes Uranus in your 1 st. Have you and they done this dance before? But you and therefore they have an opportunity to come from a new place of soul-inspired relatedness now. Which could deliver a new outcome this time around. Tap into the call of your heart and work that magnetic attraction of your 7 th at the same time by taking whatever steps you can to attract in someone new.

The answer to that call may just surprise you. Continue to focus on work related matters and finding new ways to tackle those mundane tasks that no-one, not even superstars like you get to escape. That better paying and more stimulating job could be the solution for some of you — again, get looking at those job ads on-line. Others could just discover ways of working smarter rather than harder and have more time for the things they want to do rather than have to do. Jupiter is all about expansion and Ceres rules compromise and the art of the deal.

Changes are now very much to your benefit as Jupiter and Ceres meet on the 22 nd. Help, assistance, resources financial, emotional, practical could be placed at your disposal. Other Taureans could step away from the negotiating table with what they want which lifts them out of a long term, confining situation. This house rules your salary, mortgages, joint assets, what you share with others and what is shared in turn with you.

This could involve renegotiating anything from a pay rise, settlement to who does the dishes. But the end result is more freedom for you. And the long term take-out is that sexy sense of self-empowerment. Take that and run with it as the Sun arrives in your 7 th from the 23 rd. Partnerships of all descriptions and that person holding up that mirror put you firmly on the romance radar now.

New beginnings in relationships or the start of something potentially heart-defining is promised as the new Moon appears in here on the 28 th. And you should now have arrived in that place where you understand that reflection of yourself so much better. Simply because you see yourself in a whole new light. As could be daring to suggest a radical new approach to an existing relationship. The 30 th delivers love talk as Mercury and Venus entwine in your 7 th. Forging a partnership, strengthening an existing one or even entering into a new work dynamic are just some of the heart-centered potentials around you.

Someone likes what they see in the mirror — and you love your reflection too. In a nutshell: Your opposite number — past, present or potential, features this October, Scorpio. Bask in that love light, Taurus! Something needs to be brought out into the open for you and perhaps this is just you owning up to what you truly want and need, Taurus. January asks you to get to the bottom of something and also not to be afraid any more of upsetting the apple cart when it comes to owning up to what that big, sensual heart of yours desires.

And most probably also in ways that will cause the maximum disruption. Unwrap those questions or true feelings like late Christmas gifts and share them. The key to making the most of this year will be flexibility. To be willing to change direction. To explore different options and different ways of doing things.

To not to get too attached to plans and to go with the flow. For this year and the following six to come, sometimes you may feel that life has a strange and charmed direction all of its own. And all you can do is go along for the ride. You are the leader of the soul evolution now Taurus. Expect radical changes to how you see and interact with the world, and perhaps even around your image and how you look.

Last year, you had a preview night in the astrological sense, of what this seven-year cycle may bring you as Uranus briefly entered your sign in May, turned retrograde in August, then re-entered Aries again in November. This March however, it re-enters for the next seven years. Hang on to your hats because you are set to explore a wild new side of yourself — and your world! Look at alternatives — something which may or may not have occurred to you, in all areas of your life is going to feature as Uranus is not only the planet of the revolution, but also of our individuality.

Are you living your uniqueness? Showing the world what that is? Pay particular attention to this when ruler Venus arrives in your 1st on May 16 and meets Uranus on the Police Scotland Teenager, 18, who died in three-car crash in Airdrie named locally The year-old was the driver of a back Volkswagen Polo which was involved in a collision with two other vehicles.


Knife crime Baby boy dies in hospital after stabbing horror which also left his mother seriously injured Denis Erdinch Beytula, 27, was last week charged with two counts of attempted murder following the incident in North Tyneside. Rutherglen Rutherglen train station stabbing leaves teenage boy in critical condition British Transport Police tweeted to conform they were attending following the incident at 5pm.

Rangers FC Dean Shiels makes Rangers 'broken promises' claim as he details Mark Warburton factor behind exit The year-old spent four years at Ibrox and loved his time at the club despite the ups and downs. Police Scotland Knife thug punched Scots hairdresser on face and stole her puppy in terrifying attack Amy Henderson says a man jumped out of a dark blue car as she walked nine-month-old puppy Coco in Glasgow last night. Thomas Cook Ex-Thomas Cook staff takeover bar to aid customers with holiday refunds Former Thomas Cook staff members have urged customers who need help claiming refunds to come forward tomorrow to a free consultation.

Babies Two Scots dads on how men deal with the trauma of miscarriage Following Alex Reid's news that his fiancee has lost a fifth baby through miscarriage we talk to two dads about their experience of baby loss.

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Glasgow Brides and grooms left in lurch after Scots wedding venue reveals it will close in new year Picturesque Culcreuch Castle Hotel revealed the shocking news to devastated couples who had booked their big days. Police Scotland Edinburgh stabbing horror as victim attacked behind Scotmid store The year-old man suffered "a number of puncture wounds" in the attack in Wester Hailes just before Scottish Premiership The startling improvement of Rangers and Celtic laid bare as Glasgow giants rack up big numbers Our biggest clubs are threatening to pull away this year as both show significant growth in performance.

Airdrie News Teenager dies in fatal traffic collision on Airdrie road year-old man was driving car involved in collision with two other vehicles. Meghan Markle Meghan Markle's estranged dad shared 'hurtful' private letter to defend himself Thomas Markle claimed that he was forced to share the letter which is central to a legal battle launched by the Duchess of Sussex on the tabloid press. Scottish News Lulu fans' shock after star mixes up Lanark and Motherwell during show The year-old Shout singer confused Lanark for Motherwell 'three or four times' according to fans at her Lanarkshire gig.

Smartphones Smartphone zombies blamed for rise in number of pedestrians killed or injured by cyclists People too busy looking at their mobiles and who fail to look before crossing the road are believed to be responsible for a surge in accidents. Amazon Amazon driver owed unpaid wages thanks Sunday Mail for forcing partner courier firm to pay up Dad-of-three Theophilius Osemele fought for over a year to be paid but got his money soon after our story last week. Down's syndrome Mums and dad's of children with Down's syndrome create incredible book of images Wouldn't Change A Thing book hopes to dispel fears around the condition and show the positive reality for families.

Missing people Devastated aunt pays tribute to tragic nephew who died days after going missing The body of Connor MacFarlane was discovered in Motherwell just two days after he was last seen by his family. Gerard Butler Gerald Butler sues driver over scary motorbike crash The Scots Hollywood star also suffered a number of cuts and bruises in the incident in Los Angeles in Christmas Iceland is selling festive pie that has full Christmas roast dinner inside The supermarket chain is the latest to launch an unusual festive treat that should wow guests on the big day.

Police Scotland Two police officers 'seriously injured' after single vehicle car crash on M90 One police officer is being treated for neurological injuries and a second officer is being treated for back injuries. Prisons Letters laced with zombie drug Spice seized 96 times in past year at Scots jail Mind-bending substance is fuelling lucrative drugs racket at HMP Addiewell in West Lothian and insiders say seizures are just tip of iceberg.

Police Scotland Mum demands fresh inquiry after 'mysterious' death of young Italian woman in Glasgow flat Debora Rastelli's family has asked prosecutors in Rome to re-investigate her death, insisting there are "absolutely suspicious and mysterious circumstances". Ross Wilson The Ross Wilson deal that launched Rangers star Arfield's career and hints at transfer grand plan The Southampton director of football is the man the Ibrox side want to take them to the next level on and off the pitch.

Poverty Blind Scots dad left unable to buy son Christmas present after poverty destroyed his life Derek Kelter, who was made redundant and saw his marriage break down after a brain injury, has now taken up the fight to help others trapped in poverty. Epilepsy Epileptic mum in cannabis oil plea so she doesn't have fit while holding her baby Beth Sodden is mother to eight-month-old tot Jessica and wants the medicinal drug to be made available to help halt her fits.

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Missing people Major search underway for elderly woman seen standing at road in her nightgown Police are looking for the woman after reports she was seen standing at the side of the A near to Sandyhills. Leigh Griffiths Celtic legend sends message to Leigh Griffiths as he backs striker to prove he's still got it The Hoops star has not featured since the end of August after a series of niggling injuries.