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Your ruling planet -- communicative Mercury -- would find much fulfillment in Air signs Aquarius or Libra, feeding into your desire to talk up a storm about high-minded topics at almost any given moment. The more serious Capricorn or Scorpio Moon signs may pose a challenge, and while dating a Pisces could be nice, both your flirty and flighty similarities may equal just a fling. The Moon rules over Cancer, making you one of if not the most emotionally-charged signs.

Tapping into your feelings and the feelings of those around you is second nature, and so dating a fellow Cancer Moon would create a lifetime of a very nurturing, caring partnership. Dreamy Pisces and more inward Scorpio also makes a match, while brazen Leo — even with its brazen approach to self-expression -- may prove too much to emotionally bear. Your Fire sign is also ruled by the Sun -- the perfect recipe for one self-assured Moon sign!

You want to be a leader, you want to make the most out of any given opportunity and you want your partner to take note and appreciate your strengths. An action-oriented Aries and optimistic Sagittarius make ideal partners who have enough confidence themselves to keep up with you, while stubborn Taurus or protective Scorpio do not make the best match. With communication planet Mercury ruling over your Moon sign, you are constantly critiquing and analyzing almost every situation and conversation, and you love perfection -- this desire for clean and clear-cut may carry over in your relationships especially.

Fair and balanced is your biggest relationship rule, as you are always the diplomatic lover, ruled by love goddess Venus. Aquarius and Gemini Moons would appreciate your harmonious requirements, still keeping with your airy and creative mentality. Aries, on the other hand, would not be compatible with you, as the strong survival instincts of the Aries Moon may find either of your running away in the face difficult times. Deep and private by nature, the Scorpio Moon is a motivated Moon with a knack for sussing out information and details taking place under the surface.

Aries Moon

Your partner should think twice before pulling one over on you! An intimate Taurus or intelligent Virgo Moon would make a good match, appreciating and reciprocating your drive and desire, while an independent Aquarius Moon may not appreciate your often suspicious ways. You love to find joy, pleasure and enthusiasm in all of your endeavors, and you truly put your faith into matters of the heart. An open-minded Gemini or Aquarius Moon would suit your optimistic outlook in relationships, but an overly sensitive Cancer or stubborn Taurus Moon could simply bring you down.

Always climbing, always reaching and always striving for the best At the same time, you may also appreciate a Cancer Moon's more nurturing take on a disciplined home life. However, a Libra Moon may pressure you to too much to come down from your mountain and meet in the middle. I'll try. It's very hard without casting a whole chart or having a Natal Birth Chart in front of me. Usually, I spend around 10 hrs interpreting. I have no clue what houses any of these planets are in, and you aren't even giving me planets for some of the zodiac signs.

So next time, please give me something with the correct info to interpret. There are a plethora of astrology sites, mine is even listed on my profile page. If you do have Aquarius rising, that puts Taurus on the cusp of your 7th house, an important one, it rules marriage and war I always wondered about that one! Taurus and Cancer do not conflict at all. They are earth and water, always compatible with each other. Both are kind and gentle signs, nurturing, who want to get married or at least feel secure in a relationship.

Cancer Moon rules your emotions, so they are intense and changeable in this sign.

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You are nurturing and loving, creative and ambitious. Cancer is a leadership sign, and people forget about that. So you do like to get your own way and others look to you for advice. Aquarius Rising is the facade you show the world, so they see a nonconformist who is stubborn and intends to do everything their own way. You are original and intelligent. Uranus is the planet ruling Aquarius, so that's erratic and sudden change. So you change a real lot, with the Cancer and Aquarius. Taurus is the least of your worries.

Actually, Cancer and Aquarius couples are common. Since both are nonconformists, or just can't understand other people's rules, you can reconcile these parts of yourself. You have to do it your way, so life makes sense to you. It's not a big conflict, though you may surprise people with sudden changes or ideas. But whatever planet is in Taurus is a stabilizing influence. Taurus is sensible, sensual, reliable, and can be fun. They like the good things in life, and with Cancer, will be ambitious enough to work for those things, even if they are not what others think are the "good things.

It's old astrology books that make them sound dire. They are no big deal. Your approach to relationships seems different than you appear to be. You just have to give yourself permission to be yourself, and I think you will be OK. Can you explain what this says about me? Having a Sag Sun means you accept people for who they are, and are pretty easygoing. It's a fire sign, so you are friendly, fun, and intelligent. I know really quiet Sag people and really talkative ones. Since you have a Cancer moon, I think you would be a talkative one! Sag rules law, philosophy, and higher education, so you may be interested in any of these subjects.

It also rules foreign cultures, so you may fall in love with someone from a different country, or fall in love with something about a different culture. My son has three planets in Sag and runs a school in traditional Okinawan karate; it keeps to the old ways. Also, you are very independent. Cancer moon explains your emotional makeup. You are gentle and nurturing. You are emotional and get bored easily. You are changeable and like to travel. You care deeply about family and friends, and this is a leadership sign, so friends often seek your wise and caring counsel.

Capricorn rising is the way you appear to others. You seem reserved before you get to know people better, and the same for the Capricorn Moon. Once you are sure you want someone in your life, then you are warm and kind. But Capricorn doesn't like to waste time on people they feel aren't worth it. You are reliable and a take-charge person. I see ambition here and think you would do well beginning your own business in whatever you are good at.

Venus rules your love and social nature. Capricorn has trouble here, it's hard to break your reserve, and you don't like surprises. You are capable of love and being sensual, but in private, you don't like to show feelings in public, though your Cancer Moon can help you there. I think you will settle down with someone when you are ready, but it will be with someone who shares your goals and ambition in life.

I don't know why you think this is a "strange combination. That can be Fire, Air, Water, or Earth. I say this not to insult you, but I've answered this question and ones like it every day, and people never learn. I've written hundreds of articles about astrology. Even this question was written from the bottom of Cancer Moon Sign Emotions, and did you even read it? It explained what a Cancer Moon means in total.

You just skipped to the bottom, without even trying to understand THAT article, and expected me to waste 20 minutes of my time interpreting this so you didn't have to when the information was in the article.. So you probably won't read the one I am trying to get you to to so you actually learn. The Sag Sun means you are an outgoing and easygoing sort of person.

You are independent and like to go out with friends. Even if you are in a relationship, you still need freedom to pursue your interests. Sag rules education, philosophy, religion and law, so one of those may play an important part in your life. It also rules foreign travel, so you may travel often. You may fall for a person from a different country. The Cancer Moon that was described thoroughly in the article means you are kind and gentle. You are a dreamy person and also very creative. You are the one friends come to for sympathy and when they need someone to depend on.

Cancers are ambitious though, so you have goals and dreams and will go on to work towards them. You have a strong love of family and friends. The Cancer Rising is the way you appear. In this case, it's kind and approachable, and others probably like you. They sense that you are trustworthy and that they can depend on you. So basically, you seem more Cancer, but have the Sag Sun. With Cancer rising, you have Capricorn on the 7th house, which rules marriage. So you will be drawn to a person who has goals and ambitions like you. You want to be made to feel secure in this relationship, and want a sensible partner.

But they have to fun too and like social life, or the Sag in you won't like that! How do I make the best of my life other than thinking of my man? But what you gave me here is a mish-mash. I have your Moon sign and his Sun Sign, but it's not really something easy to compare, it's like apples to oranges. But both of you are changeable and a little bit eccentric, hearing the beat of a different drummer. Cancer moon people like time to themselves, and Aquarius Suns like freedom in a relationship. But his ruling planet is Uranus; his changes are bigger and more erratic, so a long distance relationship can work for both of you in a way.

Cancer Moon people are independent and goal oriented, so you could concentrate on your job or career and save for the future, or perhaps take some courses towards either furthering your job goals or just for the fun of learning. Cancers get bored easily. Also, you are creative. Do you like to paint, write, or have other artistic talents? That would be a useful way to spend time between being able to see each other. I am a Sagittarius sun, Capricorn rising, and an Aquarius moon. My 7th house is in Cancer, and I also have Scorpio in Venus. What does my astrological chart say about me when looked at as a combination?

I am in love with Virgo sun, Libra moon, Libra Virgo. He was the one to come and express his feelings and said he feels we are soulmates i felt the same way since I met him. Well, common sense is more important in life than astrology, so if you thought he was your soulmate and now he pretends he never knew you, I can't really help.

I'm sorry, but it sounds like it's over. In my experience, once a person leaves a relationship once over a problem, it sets a precedent, and that's how it will always be. Now, soulmates often come into our lives to teach us hard lessons. Soulmates aren't always the ones who will fulfill your every need, or as Bob Dylan put it, "Be a lover for your life and nothing more. You aren't even giving me the same planets in signs for me to compare here, so I can't interpret all this without casting a chart.

What on earth is a Libra Virgo? That's two zodiac signs, but no planet or house, so there's nothing for me to interpret. But this isn't about astrology. If he's acting like this, dump him. It seems he already left you. Astrology can't be used as a scapegoat for what you want to tell yourself was a '"soulmate" experience, when it seems like it was pretty easy for him to leave.

I also don't know how long you were together. I would suggest trying to move on, hard though it may be. Leo and Virgo aren't bad, signs next to each other are often compatible. The Aquarius and Libra moons are good for communication, but apparently not in this case. Venus in Virgo is a hard placement, you are self-sufficient and critical, and may put people off without realizing it. He sounds unstable to me. There are other fish in the sea. Get your head out of the clouds and stop with the soulmate stuff, and try to be sure somebody is compatible with you and take more time to get to know them next time.

I am really sorry you are hurting, you deserve better. This is a water trinity, so you are emotional, nurturing, and intuitive. You are creative and psychic. Cancer people are reserved at first, but usually, are fun once you get to know them. Family and friends are really important to them, and you always make time for people. Sometimes too much time, at the expense of your own self. The Cancer Moon rules your emotions, so you want security and to find someone who you can count on in a relationship.

You are serious and don't date unless you are truly interested in someone. The Scorpio rising is the way others see you at first. You come off as intimidating, or ultra-serious, and that can be off-putting to people. But once they get past that, they find you are a loyal friend and good person. Cancer is an ambitious and leadership sign, so you do have plans and goals and want to achieve them. Don't forget 7 other planets are in your chart, and I don't know anything about them! Taurus people are strong-willed and gentle, as the sign is ruled by Venus.

You are sensible and reliable, sensual and romantic. Taurus people have a great calming effect on other people. You are understanding and well liked. The Aries rising is the way you present yourself to other people. Aries is an outgoing, fun-loving sign. It's also a leadership sign, so you don't have any trouble telling others what to do and often are the one in control. You like to be spontaneous and always can think of things to do. You have original ideas, and are ambitious, but may not finish what you start. The Cancer Moon rules your emotions, so you are nurturing and sensitive.

You probably are very artistic and can read other people very well. This is another leadership sign, and Cancers are a lot stronger and sensible than people realize. They love home and family, but that doesn't mean you walk around with a broom in one hand and a mop in the other, or want dozens of family members hanging on you all the time.

It's a misunderstood sign. You are a bit of a dreamer, but strong enough to make those dreams come true. You have a good head for business. So all in all, the Taurus and Cancer in you mean you are gentle, kind, and well liked, changeable, but careful to take only calculated risks. The Aries is your fun side and also the one that gives you that shove to make those dreams real. I think I was born under the Constellation of Aquarius March 5, How do I reconcile these signs? Having two signs with duality seems difficult to do. I also have Sagittarius in my Venus and Mars planets.

Being a Sun sign Pisces does have some duality, but it's not too hard to overcome. You are a dreamer, so may have ideas which seem great at the time, but really aren't so good. Make sure you think carefully before you make expensive financial plans or get involved in dubious partnerships. You are sympathetic and could be an easy mark for unscrupulous people. On the other hand, you have psychic ability, aided by the Cancer Moon, and can read other people very well. You understand what others are going through and are a colorful storyteller. You are also very artistic and creative, so try to make use of those talents.

The Cancer Moon rules your feelings, and you want security in relationships. Not to a stifling degree though, because Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius are all that we call mutable signs. So what you want changes often and you get bored easily in relationships. But you love family and most likely will make friends who will be your family of choice.

Cancers are loyal and kind. They have a good head for business, something you need, so use the Cancer intuition when making choices. This also gives you caution and care. Gemini Rising is the way you appear. It is the sign of the Twins, and you could have two great loves in your life, or be in love with two people at the same time. You seem witty and are fun to be with. You are talkative and friendly, like to go out, and to try new things. This rising sign puts Sag on your marriage house. So you may meet a partner from a different culture, or from a different country.

You and the partner could travel much together. Sag also rules education, law, and philosophy, so if you study those or teach these subjects, you could meet partners there.

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Depending on the degrees of Sag the Venus and Mars are in, they can be in the 7th or marriage house so that you will get married. I think you will marry more than once. The duality is hard to deal with; it seems you do move on fast in life and get bored easily. We all have Free Will in Astrology though, nothing is fated or predetermined, so no matter what the circumstances, you make your own choices.

Just go slow and don't rush into things without doing the research. I can't tell more without casting a whole Natal Birth chart. I can't see exactly where Venus love and social life or Mars actions likely to take are without drawing it out. You will experience much change due to having three mutable signs. Based on what I have here, all I can do is warn you to be careful, read all contracts. Don't try to have a love relationship with someone who bores you.

You would do well to find someone who could ground you more. Capricorn would be a good choice. Taurus would be good as well. Can you tell mor more about my personality? The first thing which stands out is that Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn are all leadership signs. So you have the ability to set your goals and rise to the top. You are the leader others come to for answers.

You are an achiever who knows what direction you want life to go in. Having an Aries Sun means you are a glass half full kind of person. You are competitive and outgoing. You are the leader of your social group too. Aries people don't have a lot of forethought, but the Cancer and Capricorn make up for that. Aries lovers are ardent and they love to show off the person they are involved with in a relationship. You will be proud of them.

The Cancer Moon represents your emotional side. You are tender and sensitive, can read other people well, and your moods change often. You are personable and well liked, and although you prefer to lead from behind the scenes at times, tend to end up in the public eye. That's OK, as the Aries in you can handle that. You are artistic and a creative person.

Family and close friends mean a great deal to you. The Ascendant is the way others see us, sort of the mask or facade we wear. Capricorn Rising people come off as reserved, so although you are an Aries Sun, both Cancer and Capricorn are more reserved. You don't give a lot away about yourself until you feel sure you can trust others. But you are very trustworthy, and friends count on your advice. You are conservative and want to marry and have a family someday. You want your parents to approve of this match. I have always had challenges with tapping more into my Sag nature.

I feel like I am mostly a Cancer due to my Cancer moon. I am super sensitive and empathic and often wish I wasn't so easily made feel guilty and sad by others. Easily influenced by them. But my inner world is rich and sensitive. How do I bring some kind of harmony between my Sun's expression and my Moon?

One thing I believe is that both Sag and Cancer are signs that don't really judge people, they accept everyone as they are, so you have that going for you. Venus also rules your social nature, not only your love nature, so again, in public interactions and out with friends, having a fire sign Venus should make it easy for you to click with others, and find topics to discuss. There are quiet Sag people and super chatty ones, so I don't know which you are.

You are correct about the Cancer Moon ruling your inner world. You are sensitive and really listen when others confide in you. But you have to find it within yourself to not let others bring you down. It isn't the Venus in Sag, that should be helpful to you. All of your planets are in a zodiac sign, so I don't know where they are, so I can tell you other sources of help that are in your natal birth chart.

It's possible you have more than the Moon in Cancer. Also, being a Sag sun, most of us have a planet or two in the zodiac sign next to ours, in your case Capricorn. Being ruled by Saturn, having a major planet there would make you too serious, or more prone to sadness. I really think that is more the problem. The Cancer Moon you will always have, but planets are always moving. If you go on a site that will draw up a chart for you for free, I'm betting you have planets in Capricorn.

It's not the Moon, and Venus is about a lot more than your love nature. Cheer up! This Cancer woman I'm seeing broke up with me, a Scorpio. From what I have read, the Cancer woman will brood for days before opening up to talk again. I really want her back again. Should I not message her and leave her to brood? Or should I contact her and let me know how I feel? Why don't you just message her and tell her the truth? That seems like the easiest and most simple way to solve this, especially since you care, why play games? I don't know where you got your information. Both of you are water signs, so both are emotional, and you probably hurt each other's feelings.

She is sensitive, and apparently, you hurt her. But Scorpios like revenge, and by waiting, you are being immature and hurting her more by playing head games. Is that what you want? Astrology is a hell of a lot more than knowing sun signs. It takes me around 12 hours to cast and interpret a "real" astrology chart. People think astrology is irrelevant or stupid, but always run to astrologers when they have problems, and think revealing one sun sign means a lot.

It doesn't. Billions of people are either Cancer or Scorpio. Cancer and Scorpio is a good combination. If you want this relationship to go somewhere, message her, talk about your issues, and I think you can work it out. I am sure just telling her that you miss her will help her open up again. Flowers or another romantic gesture would help too. I think you are a fun and lighthearted person, with a little more seriousness coming from the Cancer Moon.

Gemini Sun means you are chatty, intelligent, and your mind is always going a mile a minute. You are interesting and know much about many topics.

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Communication is your thing, and a career in it would be great for you. Gemini rising is much the same, but the rising sign is how others see you, or the mask you wear in public. You are talkative and friendly.

Starstruck: What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Romantic Compatibility

People see you as brainy. You like to be in the middle of a large group of people and know what's happening with everyone. So you are sensitive, emotional, nurturing, and kind. You have a serious side you don't appear to have, so that's surprising to others. You do sort of decide who to trust and let in, as the Gemini vibe is more shallow. Cancer and Gemini means you change often, so it's hard to keep up with you. The Cancer means family matters much to you, and you are conservative in love matters, you want security. Cancers are also outgoing, but need a break from it at times.

Family and friends will feel the vibe when you want to be alone or just don't want to be bothered. Gemini people often have nervous stomachs or are anxious in general because they never stop going, and Cancer rules the stomach. So take care of yourself and take time for yourself now and then. I see you in the hospitality industry or some kind of communications work. I can't find on search engines a particular reading of the integration of these. Can you help me? Let's begin with the Leo Sun. You are a warm and hospitable person. You are generous and well liked.

You love to go out and party, and are fun to be around. You have a regal bearing and always try to look good. The Cancer Moon represents your emotions. You are sweet and have a kind nature. You take care of others and change often because you get bored. But you are a romantic and can charm people quite well. I think you want to settle down and have a family some day. Taurus rising is the way others see you. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so it's another kind and gentle sign, very sensual.

You come off as very sensible and practical, which you are, but then your Leo flash and Cancer charm take over! Taurus people are honest and what you see is what you get. They don't play games and if they act interested, they are. Venus is your love and social nature, and it's in Virgo. This is a harder placement for Venus, as Virgos are ruled by their heads, not their hearts. But the Cancer and Taurus in you has enough heart, so don't despair! You tend to be critical of lovers and expect every little thing to go your way. You are attracted to intelligent people who are good conversationalists.

Put it all together, and it's a good mix, two Earth signs, a Fire sign, and a Water sign. Since all your planets are in a zodiac sign, I bet there's one in an Air sign somewhere! I can't say that a Full Moon affects Cancers all the time. It really depends on what zodiac sign the Full Moon is in.

You may feel it a little more when the Moon is in Cancer, but generally, that's not really true. As a Cancer Sun, your moods change as the Moon changes zodiac signs every two and a half days. You should buy a Moon Sign Book or calendar so you can keep track! You are more likely to feel the Full Moon when it is in your Moon sign. I have a Cancer Sun, and when the Moon is in Cancer it doesn't affect me any more than any other sign. I am feeling a little lost at the moment. Can you offer me some clarity? Saturn is in Scorpio right now, and that's a square aspect to your Aquarius Ascendant.

It means karmic challenges are coming your way. Since both fixed signs, the natural order of your routine is going to be disturbed, so that can be why you are feeling lost. It's a transit that will be around for a while, so try to go with the flow as much as you can. If you don't meditate or exercise a lot, try to start, it will help with the stress levels that are going to rise as your day to day life as you know it is challenged.

I can't tell what areas of life this will affect without a birth chart, but you'll feel it soon enough. Remember, it's karmic, and you will learn from it. You don't have to be afraid; it is likely a lot of small, annoying changes you can't control. Also, the Cancer moon may help it all happen more easily. Being Aries with Cancer means you are ambitious and have specific goals to achieve. They are both leadership signs. Aries means you are assertive and outgoing, usually fun and well liked. The Cancer Moon rules your emotions, which are strong and intuitive. You are a changeable person.

Cancer makes you intuitive and nurturing, sort of like to go your own way. The Aquarius ascendant also means you are a nonconformist and like to do things your way. But that's fine; you don't care what others think of you. You are apt to make sudden and erratic changes now and then. But why be boring when you can be original?

My sun sign is Taurus, my moon sign is Cancer, and my rising sign is Scorpio. How does my love life look, and how do I love in romantic relationships? Taurus sun people are very sensual and romantic. They are earthy and kind-hearted. Persistence, calmness, and security-mindedness are all Taurus traits. Your Cancer Moon means you are romantic, too, and want to find a permanent partner, like Taurus. You are nurturing, kind, charming, a bit flirty, and want to get married and have a family.

Scorpio rising means you seem intimidating at first and don't like to get too involved with people until you get to know them better. Scorpios are sexy, serious, driven, intense and loyal to loved ones. So that's what I can tell from your trinity. I can't do much without a whole chart, which is what I do, but can't write disclaimers on all my writing, so have been interpreting Trinities.

It leaves out so much info, so that's the best I can do. The Scorpio rising puts Taurus on your 7th house of marriage or partnerships, but I usually don't think two people of the same Sun sign can do well; I've seen very few couples make it. An Earth sign would be nice for you; it can be a Virgo or Capricorn.

A Sun sign Cancer would be good, too. You are a kind and gentle person who often changes, out of boredom, and because the Moon is your ruler. Cancers are strong-willed and good leaders; many think they are chained to the house and kids. That's not true. You have a good business sense and care a lot about others. You do want to settle down some day. The Aquarius rising means you appear to be a nonconformist, and also are inclined to like to shock others. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, so you make sudden and maybe erratic changes.

But the two signs have a way of going well together, and don't forget, all of your planets are in a sign and house, so that can provide some grounding energy. I'm pretty confident that my Moon is in Cancer from what I gathered through research. Although by the time of birth it says my moon is in Capricorn. It sounds nothing like me to the point of where not one single description matches. How can that be? Something is seriously wrong, because the Moon could be in the next zodiac sign, but Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs.

I don't know how your astrology chart was done, but military time needs to be used along with time zones , and I think maybe the person used the AM time instead of the PM time, or vice versa. If you send me your birthday, month, day and year, time of birth, and city and state or country where you were born, I can look it up. Also, most astrology sites have tables. Try Cafeastrology.

You mostly seem like a Sun sign Cancer, even though your Sun isn't there. The Cancer Moon is how you feel emotions, and you change all the time. You are sensitive, kind, family oriented, loving and nurturing. Your feelings get hurt easily, although you are capable of defending yourself. Cancer is a leadership sign, strong and emotional. Cancer rising is the way others see you, or the mask you put on. You are reserved and wait to get to know others before you get too involved with them. But you are kind and approachable, and people normally trust and like you.

The Sag Sun means you are easy going and accept others as they are. You are optimistic and cheerful, so this counteracts the Cancer in you and makes you less moody. You love travel and are restless. You are blunt in speech and have big ideas. You love to study other cultures, religions, philosophies, and law. Don't forget ALL of your planets are in a zodiac sign, one of 12 houses, and all the planets in your chart make aspects to each other.

What does my astrological chart mean about me? I'm a Cancer moon and my spouse is a Gemini in Mercury, what's that mean for us? I have such a hard time emotionally in relationships. How can my astrological makeup help me to control my emotions? Why could this be? I don't really like to speculate on your private business.

Taurus Sun and Moon means you are a person of few words, and only say what's necessary, speak when there is something important to say. But Taurus is a sensual sign, and Cancer is romantic. You need to communicate and talk about the issue more. A Cancer Sun and Moon is shy and Cancer men do seem to get divorced frequently and have problems communicating in marriage, I don't know why.

Their opposites in sign and sex, Capricorn women, don't have these issues. You are both gentle people, and I will take a guess are shy about discussing your needs and what you like. You are both romantic, try to reconnect, have some candlelight dinners, find some time for yourselves, and take it from there. Good luck. We are strongly attracted to each other. The law of attraction of opposites is working on both of you. It's a powerful magnetism and sexual attraction.

Cancer Moon Sign | Astrology & Horoscopes

You have the Capricorn Sun, so are a leader, very organized, somewhat conservative. You like to plan for the future, and need security. The Leo Moon is how you feel, and you want a lot of attention, being a bit high maintenance. But you are warm hearted and generous, also outgoing and fun. The Aquarius Sun changes on a whim, and is a nonconformist. But it's a good communication sign, and a person who feels strongly about the cause of the moment. Capricorn can respect that. The Cancer Moon means they also crave security in a relationship. Cancers are strong willed, but also are artistic and creative.

They can add a lot to your dreams of the future and help to make them more exciting. Cancer is changeable too, but not so much as Aquarius, so this person will never be boring. I think there's enough there to keep a relationship going, or at least to have one that teaches you both a lot about each other and life. Best Wishes.

I am a sun in sagittarius, moon in cancer and venus in libra. How is the personality with these combinations? Sun in Sag people are chatty or very quiet, so with the Cancer Moon I will go with chatty. You are generally easy going and accept people as they are. Cancer and Libra are leadership signs, so you are ambitious and have goals in life. The Moon in Cancer rules emotions, and yours are gentle, your feelings get hurt easily. But you are kind and intuitive, sensible and a good and trusted friend.

Family and close friends mean a lot to you. Venus in Libra is right at home, Libra rules the marriage and relationship house, and so you want that. You probably like to work in partnerships as well. You don't like to argue, but do like to get your way. Make sure you don't hold it all in until you explode on people, try to talk out what bothers you as it happens. In general you are peaceful and sociable, but when life is serious, you want to get your way. I hope that helps.

With that comes with a lot of mood unpredictability. What would you recommend to keep those balanced and prevent moodiness? Well, first of all, you did a great job answering part of your own question. Two-thirds of your trinity is in Cancer, a sign of extreme empathy and sensitivity. Your Virgo sun is very rational, Captain Spock in Star Trek was portrayed as a Virgo, as the planet Vulcan is believed to be out there somewhere, and to be the ruler of Virgo. But this is your rational and intelligent part. It's a good combination, and don't forget the other planets are all in a zodiac sign too--I just can't accommodate that length of time for interpretations here.

Being a Cancer sun myself, this is what I did when I began learning astrology. The ruler of Cancer is the Moon, and it moves fast, through all 12 zodiac signs in 28 days, give or take.

Moon Sign Compatability! The BEST and WORST combinations for love with Psychic Astrologer Candace

So it changes moods and attitudes for periods of 2 and a half days. Llewellyn publishes a great Moon Sign book, and also a calendar, which tells you exactly when the Moon changes signs. It also tells you when to do what things, as in what works well when the Moon is in each zodiac sign. I recommend the Moon Book, it figures out all the time zones and has a plethora of info about the Moon which will help you.

When the Moon is in Cancer it's probably your most emotional time, so visit family, help someone who needs it, cook a meal for a sick person. When the Moon is in Capricorn, balance your checkbook, do sensible things. I recommend this book often no, I'm not on Llewellyn's payroll! I also wrote an article regarding Moon signs, but I couldn't continue with info as to all the changes. Here's the URL:. I'm a cancer sun, Sagittarius moon, and Aries rising. Can you interpret what all these are supposed to entail for me? Cancer Sun people are fun when they want to be, and quiet when they want to be.

Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, you change often, but this can be charming and you aren't ever boring. You are strong and have goals you want to achieve, are artistic, and generally well-liked. You are a romantic. The Sag Moon rules your emotional makeup, so you are independent and need a little freedom, but this is necessary for your Cancer Sun anyway, sometimes you want to be alone.

The Aries rising is a cardinal leadership sign as Cancer is, so you are ambitious and won't fall for anyone who is shiftless or has no plans. But Aries rising means people see you as original and the life of the party when you are in the mood. Aries and Sag are both Fire signs, so I think you are more outgoing than people think you are. Aries are always the ones who are competitive and the first to try the new restaurant, or club, anything different.

I don't consider astrology fortune telling, that's an old-fashioned idea and is only believed in India in our times. Astrology is at best a personality profile when you have a whole Natal Chart done and a psychological profile. It can predict the challenges in your life and how you may react to them. I was born on 29th may, at p. I have Gemini sun, Cancer moon and ascendant Scorpio. I feel like I am going through a roller coaster of emotions and nobody truly understands me.

I feel most comfortable at home but can do great in social settings too even if I don't like socializing. I feel I am here for a specific reason. Is it true or just my imagination? I believe we are all here for a specific reason, so that rings true to me. Your Scorpio ascendant makes you seem more reserved and serious than you really are, and some may find that intimidating.

Plus you are very emotional and probably to the extent you can't even figure out what's going on with your changing emotions. The Cancer Moon is also very emotional, but again, you are reserved unless with people you know well, so this can be off-putting or confusing to some. Both Cancer and Scorpio are signs which need privacy, so that's why you sometimes feel better at home than when you are out.

You need to be in the mood to socialize. The Gemini Sun is your saving grace here, you are intelligent, and this is a more outgoing influence. It can be hard for others to understand your intense emotions, but Geminis are great communicators. Friends must learn to accept you have periods when you are "on" and ones where you are "off. As I write this, I have an appointment tomorrow, and I am considering canceling because I am unsure if I feel sociable enough to go.

So I get it and have planets in Gemini too, so can be very sociable, people think I am a lot more sociable than I really am! So it's not your imagination. You are a good listener. You just have distinct public and private sides to your personality. People close to you can learn to live with that. Being a Scorpio Ascendant, you will eventually walk away from those who don't understand you.

Why bother with them? Socialize when you feel like it. You could be a good counselor or life coach since you listen. When you need periods of quiet time, take them and stop being guilty about it. This is just who you are; there isn't anything wrong with you. Embrace yourself for who you are--and you are creative, find outlets for that talent in your quiet times. Do I provide astrology charts for people who cut and paste all the astrology signs from each of their planets from another site? That isn't even the correct information necessary to cast a horoscope. It's one component of many. It takes about 10 hours of work to cast and interpret an astrology chart, and I have to charge for that.

My work is not computerized; the interpretation comes from me. I have a home business specializing in Astrology charts and Tarot readings, and there wouldn't be enough hours in the day. I also do a lot of freelance writing. I don't mind answering simple questions, such as comparing Sun, Moon and Ascendant positions, or a few planets.

But it's insulting when people persist in cutting and pasting the wrong info and expect me to do all that work for them out of the kindness of my heart. I doubt they would do that for anyone. I can be found on Google for paying customers. How can balance or release all of this energy? Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are all cardinal signs of leadership.

If you don't have a good career or job, that's the outlet you need, it's not the Scorpio planets causing you to have difficulty, although it is causing you to obsess about it all. You need to set goals once you figure out what you want to achieve. You have the ability to do that with three leadership signs. Scorpios are great at getting their own way too. I really think work or another way to find a leadership position of some sort is the answer to balancing all these energies. You need to act more, obsess less.

Scorpios are great leaders too, and trusted friends. You just haven't found your area of interest or focus yet. Once you do, it will all fall in place. I'm very quiet and rely on heavy amounts of seclusion or time away. I feel the urge to defend myself, but also the massive urge to be incredibly passive. I find it hard to let others in and find it easier to cut people out. I would like to change my ways and know I have processes to go through, but I feel a major disconnect from my head and heart.

What can I do?