Jupiter transit november 2019 vedic astrology

Stay alert, as competition would remain on a rise. Avoid hasty or angry decisions. Loan related matters seem to proceed favorably. Students appearing for competitions would see good results due to better focus. Then it transits the 5th house. During Jupiter Transit , your contacts seem to expand.

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Humanitarian and welfare activities would interest you. Materialistic as well as spiritual richness would fill your life and bring peace. Career growth seems quite likely. If married, a childbirth is on the cards in this period. Your intellect would grow with new learnings. Jupiter Transit for Virgo: As starts, Jupiter would be in your 3rd house, Virgo until 5th November, after which it transits your 4th house.

Jupiter transits Sagittarius Nov 2019- Nov 2020

Personal life and peace of mind might be disturbed. Clashes are possible with family and friends. Control your anger and be patient.

Your spirituality would rise. Peace of mind would prevail, as your satisfaction levels seem good. Jupiter Transit for Libra: Libra, Jupiter Transit your 2nd house till 5th November and then moves in your 3rd house. A change in residence is quite possible during this period. Laziness and lethargy would cause delays in work. Short trips are on the cards.

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Work related challenges seem to rise and cause stress. Spiritual knowledge would increase. Be patient and keep your anger in control.

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Jupiter Transit for Scorpio: Ruling the second and fifth house, Jupiter is transiting your ascendant house till 5th November, Scorpio. Then it moves into your 2nd house. Destiny would favor you and power would rise in this period. New profits and rewards would improve your financial condition.

What is the transit timing of Jupiter in Sagittarius?

Family seems supportive. Marriage life seems good and you may travel with your spouse. Family relations would improve. Jupiter Transit for Sagittarius: Jupiter is moving in your 12th house, Sagittarius till 5th November. Then onwards, it transits your ascendant house. Academic performance, marriage and love life would see favorable results during Jupiter Transit Destiny would favor you. Financial difficulties might trouble you.

12222 Yearly Horoscope – Love, Money & Career

Stress might result in frequent clashes. Avoid overthinking. Make careful and well-planned decisions. Jupiter Transit for Capricorn: Capricorn, Jupiter Transit your 11th house till 5th November and would then move into your 12th house. Be careful, as losses are possible. A long journey is on the horizon.

Religious and spiritual activities might interest you. If traveling abroad, you may invest in property during Jupiter Transit Your relation with your loved one would considerably improve. Jupiter Transit for Aquarius: Jupiter will transit in your 10th house till 5th November, Aquarius. Don't know your Moon sign? Click here to find out. LIVE on Aug. This stay of Jupiter for 86 days in Scorpio is the perfect time for personal transformation and increasing and enhancing your progress, happiness, and spirituality.

The blessings of Jupiter are available in abundance to correct any challenges in the areas of life mentioned above, during its stay in the sign Scorpio. Jupiter turning direct in Scorpio can help you make use of the opportunities that come your way, as well as plan and explore ways for expansion and new avenues. This period will favor setting wealth goals and obtaining the grace of the Divine.

However, it is advised to not be overly confident and carefully consider entering into significantly large money deals, as well as avoid ego clashes with partners during this time. Performing Archana for Jupiter here can bless with good knowledge and reduce the adverse effects of Jupiter in your birth chart. Performing Pooja to Jupiter here can reduce the afflictions of Jupiter in your birth chart and bestow good fortune and wedding and child boon.

According to sacred texts, performing this special Fire Lab Homa for Jupiter can lessen the Dosha effects Afflictions of Jupiter and bless you with a healthy and prosperous life. Participating in this Homa can mitigate any adverse impact of Jupiter in your birth chart and can bless you with good education and prosperity. As per the Powerspot tradition, the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Jupiter for knowledge, success and a trouble-free life can be invoked through this Pooja.

According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter signifies education, knowledge, and wisdom. It is believed that donating Vedic books and feeding the needy can help you enjoy multifold blessings of Jupiter.