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They always strive to work hard in order to get to the top and reach incentives such as a great bonus or landing a hard sale. This sign is always striving to climb to top management positions and once they get there, they do a great job. This sign makes a great team player and is one of the favorites in the office. A Taurus is methodical and typically excels at careers with a large amount of information to sort through. They thrive in fast-paced environments that are full of energy. They tend to be the people in the office that others go to for information or guidance, because they are always willing to help.

Your Best Career Based on Your Astrology Sign

A Cancer can handle responsibility and has great intuition to be a manager. This sign excels in jobs where they feel they are serving a purpose and helping others. A Leo tends to be independent and sometimes prefers to take on a project without any outside help. People in the office might describe them as goal driven and notice that they seem to have a natural ability to lead. This sign is drawn to power and they delight in in the possibility of being a CEO or an important figure in the company one day.

They are very creative so they can think of big ideas while still remembering the small details. If there is a big project in the office, a Virgo is a great person to have on the team. Their mind is able to absorb a lot of information at once so they typically have a knack for learning new languages.

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They are known for getting along with everyone and have a flare for being social. They excel in careers working with other people. People often come to them to help negotiate as they have a way for diffusing tricky situations and know how to keep the peace within the group. They are able to keep secrets and people around them always feel comfortable confiding in them. A Scorpio values trust and in return expects their employer to treat them with respect. They gravitate towards mystery, which combined with their skills for secrecy make them perfect for careers in the field of crime investigation.

Their high energy and constant desire to explore make them perfect for jobs that require travelling. The Sagittarius has a knack for inspiring morale and motivation so they tend to make great managers. If a big decision needs to be made, then a Sagittarius should be called.

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They are persistent and are willing to put in the work to reach their big but practical dreams. They might be more inclined than other signs to commit to long years of schooling and hard work in order to obtain a lucrative job. Just like some signs might need order in their lives, an Aquarius is the complete opposite. This sign really values their freedom so their perfect job is working in an open unconventional office or working from home. Their ideas are really valued, because they are out of the box and completely amazing. Jobs that involve helping others are ideal for this sign. A Pisces is also known for being a hard worker that devotes a lot of time and energy in order to do great work.

Ideal Jobs: Veterinarian, Therapist, Director of Art Program Visit our career advisors or astrologers to get personal advice in your path.


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Are they really predictions? So tell me, are you hesitating about the kind of employment that would be best for you? I'm sure the answer would be 'Yes' and I'm not surprised - choosing a profession is probably one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. You may even fret about it daily.

It is important to remember that happiness and fulfilment should come first, which is why you should select an area of work that interests you and reflects the person you are. Read on to learn whether a yearly, weekly or even daily analysis could help you plan your job opportunities for the future. Deciding just how to select the type of work or business that suits you, can, however, be quite a formidable challenge unless you understand your horoscope character and the motivators that make you more suitable for one job over another.

This is where focusing on your working life can be useful in order to work out the best employment path for you as an individual. I'm Lucien Holm and for many years I have taken an interest and specialised in profession-focused astrology consultations. I came to this vocation following a period in the city of London and elsewhere. I am originally from Denmark but have spent most of my life abroad, primarily in the UK where I am currently based.

My, admittedly high goals and objective with this site, is not to persuade you I can offer a prediction about your work future but give to you an insight into your astrological personality and compatibility with certain professional options for which you are most likely suited. Armed with these tips you will be better equipped to consider which career pathway suits you best or what your next move should be if already employed. So how can the study of astronomical movements and celestial time help in this task?

Trusted Career forecast readings derived from horoscope astrology are reports based on the idea that our identities and the events that shape our lives are influenced by astronomical events by week and by year such as the position of planets.

The Best Careers For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You probably know what your astrological symbol is, but did you know that this zodiac symbol is associated with certain personality traits and qualities? Having an astrologer put together a detailed analysis based on the position of celestial bodies at the moment of your birth will help you get a better idea of who you are and your character traits. Your sign analysis can reveal a lot about your temperament, your qualities, flaws and how compatible you are with other astrological signs.

4. Your Saturn sign and house.

Here is your opportunity to learn more and get in the zone when looking ahead at your employment. Knowing about your personal related characteristics is an education and can help guide you in your search for employment and making a decision on the choice of ideal employment types you are suited for.