Leo weekly astrology forecast 23 october 2019 michele knight

This week is a brilliant time to gather and build up your energy, time alone is restorative and invigorating if you can make good use of your quiet time to consider what you need and reflect upon the course of your life and where you are heading. Consider how much you value your own capabilities to manifest wealth. You can access wealth in easy and new way this week, but remember balance is needed to experience true abundance. The King of Pentacles is telling you that you can generate new ways of income and be more wealthy but remember that spending time with family and friends is equally as important.

Your past has led you to this point where you can reflect upon your life and process your emotions. When was the last time you marvelled at your resilience and adaptability? There are many people that admire you for your emotional intelligence and inner strength. You could be coming to a realisation this week, emotional healing can occur. The King of Cups brings understanding of our actions and karma, you may realise the incredible effect you have on others and understand why other see you as trustworthy with matters of the heart.

Things that have been worrying about are likely to fall away, the Eight of Wands is freeing you of burdens, helping you to feel lighter and more optimistic. There are opportunities to release any anxieties this week by going with the flow and by trusting that the magical universe has your back. There could be a creative project or goal in sight that will seem less daunting and more exciting this week.

The Three of Pentacles is asking you to celebrate each stage of success and achievement this week, in doing so will elevate you. There may be a longing for you to walk away from something thats no longer serving you. Although this may leave you feeling a bit sad, the Five of Pentacles is reminding you that there is hope as a new beginning is promised. You could be feeling unsure of what the future holds, but feel a growth in your trust in the plan the universe has for you. The universe has your back and wants you to be happy, count your blessings this week, and have faith that things will work out for the highest good.

You can expect beautiful feelings with a lover and tenderness from loved ones. The Three of Cups is a joyous card and you can likely feel so much love in your heart this week. You are blessed with people you have your life and they are likely to express how much they feel fortunate to have you in theirs.

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You can expect to feel appreciated and loved in new ways this week, the Three of Cups can manifest itself as a profound new way of loving yourself and wonderful new chapter in taking care of yourself. This week is a beautiful time, enjoy and embrace all the goodness, remember that what you begin this week will have lasting and beneficial effects. Work it like a boss this week, Aries. The full Moon in Sagittarius and your 9th house on the 17th is all about releasing yourself into fresh possibilities.

This especially applies to your career and what you want to achieve as ruler Mars and Mercury meet in your security sector and then oppose Pluto in your achievement zone. Do it — and do it with flair and confidence! With Neptune very much retrograde in its ruling 12th from the 21st — you can bring an enlightened and fresh perspective to bear during this cycle if you need to.

The 21st is solstice day when the Sun moves into your 4th, focussing your wild-at-heart inclinations on what needs to happen closer to home. This could involve getting more serious about a romantic interest or one appearing that turns that heart to thinking about love in the long term. Is it nesting time? This is a day to work that magic or see the results of your stand-out confidence and presentation manifest.

Vesta and Uranus meet in your 2nd for the first time in your lifetime on the same day. Be the fire that burns so brightly now what you want is drawn to it — like moths to the perfect flame! In a nutshell: Stand out and make others sit up and take notice, this week Aries. Step into the spotlight of your own success story. Certainly not you this week, Taurus. Uranus in your 1st sees you not only actively wanting change but being the change in your own life. Because you can sometimes be understated, people either take you for granted or underestimate what you are capable of.

Turn all those perceptions on their head this week especially around the time of the full Moon in your 8th. No, you have not stopped being your reliable self. But you have begun to put your own wants, dreams and desires first. You are in the process of a great reinvention now thanks to the meeting of Vesta and Uranus in your 1st on the 23rd.

This day also sees ruler Venus oppose Jupiter in that change sector with the result that you are unafraid to accept the changes you need in both your income and your personal life. You are also no longer afraid to state what these are or to sell yourself and all you have to offer with more style and confidence than you may have done before. Those talents and fearless approach were always within you but the difference is, you are no longer hesitant in showcasing them!

But they bring you the change you wanted as they oppose Pluto in your 9th. Once done, rest on your laurels and go with what you have set in motion as Mercury retroshadow begins on the 20th. The year pivots on solstice day as the Sun enters your 3rd. It could just be you being unafraid to put your own wants, dreams and desires first. And to be truly open about what you want. Ruler Mercury is about to hit its retroshadow phase in your money zone.

Before it does however, it will meet Mars in here and both will oppose Pluto in its ruling 8th in your chart. You also have Vesta and Uranus meeting in your 12th on the 23rd for the first time in your adult lifetime on the 23rd and the Sun in your 2nd from the 21st. All this adds up to changes around your financial status or how you interact with the material world based on your deep seated values and self-worth. This can apply across anything from your pay packet to loans, credit cards, mortgages, other assets or even a relationship.

It electrifies money and the flow of it or not into our lives. Understand, money itself is inert. It is our attitude that sets it in motion and gives it energy.

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You could work more around these themes during the Mercury retro cycle. You and others play a major role. Seeking love? Dress up, stand out, shine as the full Moon illuminates your 7th on the 17th. Radiate like a disco ball. No, black is not in style for you now if you are seeking to attract a mate. This is one of the best weeks of the year for you for love and attraction on all levels thanks to Venus in your 1st opposing Jupiter in your 7th.

Dress the part. Watch who is drawn to you this week because someone will be cast as co-star to your lead. Remember, your role is to stand out whether this relationship involves love, business or friendship. Together you could just embody that Hollywood power couple dynamic. The perfect double act is waiting, Gemini. In a nutshell: Your money and inner sense of soul worth electrify all you have to offer this week, Gemini. Be your own best asset.

And showcase all you are and can be to attract! Happy birthday, beautiful Moon child!

Time to bring it all home to where your heart is. Your birthday season could see you wanting to celebrate close to home with the people who matter the most. The past is going to play a more important role than usual during this birthday cycle due to Mercury in your 1st entering retroshadow phase from the 20th and Venus in your 12th. You also have Mars and Mercury meeting in here on the 18th and both are about to oppose Pluto, planet of transformation in your 7th.

Expect an existing one to be re-worked or even the arrival of one that fits the bill for you in the coming year. This is about knowing what you want and being very clear about it and has nothing to do with being needy or clingy. You want to put down roots and establish something and also understand your priorities are changing.

Ruler the Moon appears waxed and full just prior to your birthday season on the 17th emphasising the need for wellness and this extends to no longer focussing on what drains you or is simply not worth it. Part of your wellbeing now is a need to shine — even if you are just staying home and celebrating with those you call family. Nurture yourself and deck yourself out in your finery! How much better do you feel for doing that? Friends and family are what are most important to you now.

In a nutshell: Give yourself the birthday gift of what is truly important to you, Cancer. The people in your life matter most. And give yourself equal billing — and let others show you the love in return. All thanks to the glitterball full Moon in your 5th this week. Choose clothes that sparkle and allow you to stand out. This is no week for neutrals. This is your house of all things Leo-ruled with a touch of freedom and larger than life luck and opportunity thrown in.

Parties and invitations may feature as could professional recognition although I would suggest you ditch the sequins in the boardroom — or maybe not depending on the area in which you operate. This is a full Moon under which to dance, create, date and mate. A recent romance could go to the next stage, if settled you will shower your partner with your personal brand of extra special passion and desire. Others could snag the attention of someone whose star quality is the perfect match for your own thanks to the alignment of Venus in your 11th to Jupiter in your 5th.

The past is also in focus as this is your lead-up time to your birthday next month. Mercury and Mars are meeting in your 12th this week and your ruler enters here on solstice day — the 21st. Mercury will enter retroshadow phase — again in here on the 20th while Neptune which rules your 12th retrogrades in your 8th on the 21st.

Know that your first response is the correct one and act on that. The meeting of Vesta and Uranus in your 10th on the 23rd is a timely reminder you are worth more. Juno arrives in your 1st on the 21st putting you in the mood for long term love — no imitations, knock-offs or time waters. In a nutshell: Get your glam on and prepare to party and to get yourself noticed. Professional recognition or snagging the attention of that perfect match could follow. Live large this week, Leo. Learning about what supports and sustains you over the long term and what you need for your everyday security could be revealed now.

Upgrade that lifestyle if necessary. This Moon marks an emotional letting go in preparation for owning a new future. There is also a fabulous door opening aspect occurring between Venus in your 10th and Jupiter in your 4th on the 23rd.

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This could literally lead to a new home for some of you or a career opportunity which paves the way to a bigger, better and more abundant lifestyle. Upgrade that space or even that deskspace! Ruler Mercury is in your house of the future and your social life and meets Mars in here on the 18th while both will oppose Pluto in your 5th pointing to changes around your social scene and shifts within friendships.

Mercury is about to enter its retroshadow phase from the 20th so if there are deals to be agreed or contracts to be signed you do not need me to tell you to do this before then unless you like delays and mind changes. You may re-think a commitment or else commit to seeking out a future one that is more authentically you. Especially if you feel you and another are no longer on the same page. Past partners may reappear or what you have learned from these can be put to good use as Vesta and Uranus meet in your house of learning and soul freedom.

By all means contemplate the long term future in love. But wait to sign on that dotted line if you can, Virgo. In a nutshell: Expand into a bigger, freer lifestyle. The wherewithal to achieve this could just open up now, Virgo. You need more space for truly living. What you write, communicate, say, blog about or post is going to get you attention now. Craft that message carefully under the full Moon in your 3rd on the 17th. Also see where you can add a little extra bit of signature style, glamour and emotion. You could reach a bigger audience than you ever dreamed of or else get exactly the response you were after from a specific one.

Travel, foreigners, mass media, teaching, publishing and the internet are yours to explore and even benefit from now thanks to ruler Venus in your 9th opposing Jupiter also in your 3rd. Long term ambitions which may be linked to these themes are also in focus now. You are ready to follow through when it comes to those career plans and ambitions — fuelled by Mars in your 10th which also meets Mercury in here the 18th. Both go on to oppose Pluto in your 4th of soul needs, home and security so expect this to earn you the ability to make changes around this area too.

Success and what you are willing to sacrifice, pay or trade off to get it are long term themes for you as is your relationship to your money, mortgage, home and other assets. Watch for decisions that tell the world what you stand for as Uranus and Vesta meet in your 8th on the 23rd. Mercury retroshadow begins on the 20th and the Sun joins it and Mars in your 10th from the 21st.

The same goes if you are looking to attract a partner. What do you want what you say, your status and who you are to broadcast to a potential mate? You are both the messenger and the message this week, Libra. Ensure who you are and what you stand for broadcasts consistency — and unrepeatable presence. Those you want to impress are watching. What does money buy you, Scorpio? Are you working just to pay the bills with nothing left over? The full Moon in your 2nd this week highlights this. If you are after material things, my other bet is that you are focussed on quality as opposed to quantity.

You would rather have one really beautiful item that transcends fashion and is timeless but costs more, than ten throwaway ones. Am I right? This Moon along with Venus which rules your 2nd in the soul forge of your 8th, opposes Jupiter this week indicating a big shift towards channelling your resources to what adds value and in turn, is valued, by you. Invest in the best Scorpio. This also includes relationships as Juno enters your 10th and Vesta and Uranus meet in your partnership sector.

You need to be valued in turn by partners. How do you think your personal stock is performing? Mercury and ancient ruler Mars meet in your 9th of freedom and oppose modern day ruler Pluto in your 9th. A journey, trip, course of study or expansion into a new area could lead to a new way or life — or fresh opportunities. Feel optimism and excitement return if they have been lacking lately. Dare to take a chance now — perhaps on having your dreams.

Just be aware if you are physically travelling as opposed to a mental journey, Mercury enters retroshadow phase from the 20th so have alternative plans or routes in place before setting out. Neptune which forms our link to the past retros in your romance zone. Is it time for the return of a past lover or simply something you loved to do? Relive it or revive it if it adds to the quality of your life and expands you experience.

Go for quality over quantity this week, Scorpio. Hanging out for what you truly desire as opposed to an instant fix — so satisfying. Just like fellow fire sign Leo — you were designed to stand out. It can be classy or casual but it is totally your signature style and designed to get you noticed. You need to be reflecting who you are far and wide. Think of yourself as a beacon as the full Moon appears in your 1st on the 17th. Your light can penetrate the furthest reaches of the universe shining on those desires.

It will also illuminate someone opposite you. This is a wonderful week for love, romance and attraction. This includes people who want to help you, gifts, benefits, opportunities and friends. Venus is in its ruling 7th and opposes ruler Jupiter this week acting as a magnet for those desires and wishes. Free to be you — free to be two. Money, negotiations, power sharing and how comfortable you feel simply handling more assets and resources also feature. Important papers or contracts could be signed as Mercury meets Mars in your power zone and both oppose Pluto in your house of money.

Confront any insecurities around not having enough or not being enough to get whatever it is you want now. Changes around your work situation — job sharing, power sharing, may play a role in the outcome you ultimately reach. In a nutshell: Stand out from the crowd, Sag! You were designed to be a beacon for your desires. So act and dress like one. What have you been ignoring, Capricorn? Could it be those secret goals, dreams and wishes? Have you been ignoring your own right to shine?

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In your search for success have you become too conforming instead of working within the structure yet still owning your individuality? The full Moon in your mysterious 12th boosts intuition and insight and has you examining all that.

Was there a time in the past when you felt more expressive, creative and also at the same time, able to achieve more? Vesta and Uranus conjunct in your house of romance, passion and pleasure are also asking if you have given part of yourself away to please others or simply because you felt you had to in order to get ahead. Restore who you are and re-set if necessary now. Love is both a great experiment and a grand reinvention now or can be. And this could begin with how you are seeing yourself.

Mars in your 7th increases your desire for passion and to express your love — and to receive it in return. Others could find themselves drawn into a compelling and magnetic attraction that is simply Lucifer asking you what you desire in person. You may be able to resist anything except temptation now. Starting with your need to own all those secret ones.

In a nutshell: That secret loves not a secret anymore. What do you desire? It could come door knocking now. Stand out from the crowd this full Moon Aquarius. Above all, to be with people with whom you can be yourself. People want to approach, connect and get to know you. And perhaps for more reasons than just friendship. So, why deny them the opportunity?

Jupiter in your 11th points to benefits through friends and an expanding social circle. Venus in your 5th is all about romance. Sustainability and security are your other themes this week. Reviving past skills or going back to a job or project you worked on previously, readjusting that routine or making job changes are all favoured as both Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto in your 12th.

With Mercury entering retroshadow in its ruling 6th from the 20th, time to renegotiate from your present position while planning to make a move in the future if you have to. Choose the friends and the company that sustain you. You never know where a simple hello or a follow or like can take you. Be prepared to find out more. That and once in a 12 year aspect between Jupiter in here and Venus in your 4th of long term security.

Of course, ruler Neptune retrograde in your 1st from the 20th also lends a hand. Chances are as you pull in and go through, you realise that you could have taken this route before. Why not? All this comes pre-packaged with an additional feel good factor. Ever noticed how when one area of your life goes right then others go into automatic update mode and upgrade too?

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Both these oppose Pluto in your social and connectivity sector. The hot stuff happens to be you right now and people want to bask in that heat, Pisces. The Sun also enters your 5th from the 21st and passion, romance and creativity and combining these are all on the table. Reclaiming past loves and past connections could form part of the grand party plan as Mercury begins its retroshadow in your 5th on the 20th. In a nutshell: Gatherings or even celebrations could feature this week as doors to career recognition swing wide.

Love or social life upgrades follow on. Opportunity is right in front of you. Take it. You may already know that the Queen court cards in the Tarot pack stand for different types of women — but do you know which one you are? Traditional Tarot meanings talk about different looks, personalities and astrological star signs for the Queen of each suit.

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All of that is true, but it is also true to say that even if you are an Aquarius, you might find that you are more like the Queen of Cups than the Queen of Swords. That is because we all have the potential to be every aspect of every woman. So take the following quiz to find out which Tarot Queen you are — and how well you know your court cards! Someone you can share your darkest secrets with.

A friend you can really trust. Someone who always knows the right thing to say. For me, it has to involve some kind of adventure! If I had to lie on a beach all day, I would go crazy with boredom! I can get a bit bossy, but only because I know what needs to be done! I am brilliant at getting things off the ground even if I am not as good at seeing things through! I am not really interested in getting to the top but I get a lot of satisfaction from running things properly. I have always fancied being a lawyer or a journalist. How I look is very important to me. I have better things to focus on!

You are quite capable of taking charge when you have to and can easily handle being the centre of attention. When people first meet you, they come away thinking what an amazing, bright, bubbly person you are and your love of life makes you very attractive to everyone. You prefer to keep busy and active and very little gets you down. When you are not in your power it can manifest in one of two ways — either you can throw your weight around if you think you are not getting enough attention, or you can want to withdraw from the world and hate feeling that you have to permanently put on a show.

Either way, when you are off centre everything can get a bit forced. Your naturally strong and charismatic personality can go overboard and that means you can get a bit too bossy and domineering. You like to lavish your friends with attention and are brilliant at thinking of little gifts that will make their day. You are incredibly loyal and would go to the ends of the earth for anyone you love, but partners and potential lovers had better watch out — if you feel that you are not getting the film star treatment you just might throw a few diva tantrums!

When people first meet you they might not learn much about who you are — but they will feel that they can tell you anything and you could get their entire life story! You can pick up on emotional undercurrents and are especially switched on when it comes to spotting when people are upset. At those times, you find it hard not to offer to help, even if you are not asked. You do let your heart rule your head and want to share the good things of life with everyone. When you are not in your power you can shut down your heart to keep others at an emotional distance. You are as capable of losing your temper as anyone else, but because you are normally such a softie it can come out in a huge burst and leave everyone in stunned silence.

As a friend, you will stick with people through tough times long after a point at which many other people would have walked away. You are a fantastically sensitive and patient partner who asks for much less than she gives. Relationships work best for you when you feel that you are connecting deeply on every level and any partner of yours had better be prepared to open up and share their innermost thoughts and feelings as you hate skating around the surface!

Mostly C — The Queen of Pentacles. You are very practical and down to earth. You are always ready to give your support wherever it is needed and have the magic touch when it comes to creating a warm, secure environment. You can tackle almost any problem that life throws at you with a level head and work through things in a thorough and methodical way.

People feel that they can really trust you and that you are always there for them. When you are not in your power people can sometimes feel that you put too much much pressure on them, even though you just want them to have the best of everything. If things start to change a bit too fast you can become a bit resistant, and when you shut down it blocks off your imagination and creativity. At heart, you like everything to be stable and perhaps a bit too predictable and that can mean you get a bit thrown if things get too wild for your tastes!

You are a friend for life and love being there through thick and thin for your mates. When it comes to romance, you are more of a swan than a player — you are looking for someone to settle down and grow old with rather than drama and excitement and, even though you definitely have a strong sensual side, if that means you miss out on passion, you are quite prepared to make that sacrifice for stability.

Mostly D — The Queen of Swords. Independent, fast thinking and quick witted, you are more than ready to take action when you need to but you like to tackle things with all of the facts at your fingertips. Fearless when it comes to sizing up situations, you can get to the bottom of any hidden power plays going on around you.

A wonder with words, you are fantastically witty and people always come away dazzled by your intellectual brilliance. You are more than ready to laugh at yourself as much as anything else. When you are not in your power, you can come across as just a bit distant and sometimes even cold. Even though you are great at solving problems, you can leave out the human touch and tend to rely more on taking action rather than offering sympathy. You can be a bit of a snoop and again, when you are not in your power, you are quite prepared to do a bit of spying and skulduggery if you feel they are necessary!

You can lose your temper too easily and then use your brilliance with words to hurt rather than heal. You can always make your friends laugh and are more than ready to help them solve any problem they are facing — as long as they solve the problem! Woe betide anyone who comes to you for tea and sympathy once too often about the same thing. You believe in taking action head on to tackle difficult situations and do not understand it when you see others apparently rolling around in unhappiness without doing anything about it.

When it comes to love, you want to be equal with your partner and will kick against being expected to play second fiddle. Any partner or lover needs to be as quick witted as you or you will become bored. For you, foreplay starts in the head and any potential partner or long term lover has to keep you mentally stimulated! Connect with the Queens! To connect with the Queen of Wands — light your fire energy by doing something adventurous that is maybe out of your normal comfort zone!

Take singing or dancing lessons or sign up for an evening course in stand-up comedy. To connect with the Queen of Cups — go with the flow! Hang out near water — be it a still lake or a roaring river. If all else fails, buy a CD of sea sounds and have it playing as you fall asleep at night. Take time to breathe and allow yourself to feel all of your emotions. To connect with the Queen of Pentacles — Do something creative with tangible results. Spend an afternoon gardening or cooking. Take a course in pottery or painting. To connect with the Queen of Swords — Challenge yourself to learn something new and get your brain working!

Start a book club with your friends, pick a book and discuss the ideas it sparks. How well do you know your Goddesses? How well do you know your Major Arcana? Which Goddess are you? Remember that magic starts within and that this week you are the sorceress of your destiny. The High Priestess brings us clarity of mind and intuition, are you ready to step through the portal to manifest more of your desires? There could be a secret that is revealed to you, keep your inner eyes open to see what is emerging and being born within your perception this week.

Expect an influx of vivid dreams with clear signs and symbols from your subconscious that will guide you to make beneficial decisions in your waking life and consciousness. There could be celebrations and get-togethers with a particular group of people that uplift your soul and heart to a new place. There may be a beautifully healing conversation that occurs this week, this could be with a friend, partner, lover, colleague or with your inner self.

You have a wonderful opportunity at your fingertips this week, you may experience a miracle or magic at work. This week is about dreams, faith, hope and optimism, its likely that all of these things will take centre stage in your focus and awareness. Routines, habits, schedules and daily tasks are likely to be at the forefront of your focus this week, accompanied with a realisation that you have more resources at your disposal than you originally thought, all of this makes this week quite a special one for you.

You know those flutters of excitement we experience when the delicacy of the onset of positive anticipation happens? It could be likened to that feeling we get the day before a holiday or an exciting event, I remember first experiencing the feelings that the Page of Cups symbolise when I was a little girl, feeling like life was magical on Christmas Eve and the day before a school trip. The Page of Cups is a beautiful card to receive and a lovely one for me to deliver to you, you can expect there to be some wonderfully calming and happy joyous feelings this week.

The Page of Cups is associated with gratitude and love, of which this week there appears to be plenty for you to experience. This could be a new perception that is emerging from within you, you could be thinking differently and seeing your life experiences in an alternative way. How have you been doing at work? Have you been working on a project at home?

You could be realising and or remembering what truly brings you happiness and gives you that inner glow we so often associate with love, ask yourself this week, how can I bring love to my life? What do I really love to do? Who do I really love? Make the time also this week to nurture the things, people and experience that bring you joy and contentment and watch them multiply. Spending time in nature this week will help you improve your mood, clear your mind and remind you of all the blessings around you. Remember that you are an amazing human being with fantastic skills and qualities, you bring your unique soul to the world and we are all lucky to have you here.

It is said that stillness speaks, and silence can be loud, we sometimes need to turn down the noise of the external world so that we may hear the internal world more clearly. Sometimes by withdrawing from drama, conflict and upset, speaks volumes and causes great healing to occur, not just within us but it sends positive ripple effects out to those around us.

Take good care of yourself this week, focus on what your needs are, gift yourself the gift of silence and stillness, remember that taking nice deep breaths is one of the most loving things we can do for ourselves, take your time and rest, all will be well. Sometimes this card can signify a realisation that we are really grateful for everything that we have and joyous in the present moment.

A smile from a loved one over the breakfast table can start the onset of a magical and appreciative day, you may be moved to express your gratitude to someone this week, sometimes the simplest gestures are the most heartfelt. You may receive some good news and have a realisation that you have many blessings in your life, this week appears to one that is filled with simple pleasures and joy in everyday things.

I hope you are all well and feeling happy and lighter in your step. Have a good week lovely! Leo — Crystal Ball Hello Leo, hold your hands out palms out and closely side by side. Good luck x Scorpio — Cauldron Fancy a bit of cooking Scorpio? Capricorn — Moon Capricorn oh I give you the light of the silvery moon, oh the silvery moon! Aquarius — Chalice Fancy a party in the woods with the fae folk too Aquarius, for you too are being offered a drink, in a Chalice or glass. Aries — Cave Aries see that lovely cosy cave over there. Gemini — Sword Oh, raise your arms up high above your head Gemini, command your audience to silence with a look.

Bankroll that plan Holding out for what you really want — oh so satisfying Who can you count on this week, Taurus? Where in the world do you want to call home? Head to where you can shine Bring love on home, baby! Who Are Your Spirit Guides? For Personal Readings: www. South India's first devotional channel, for ho.. Leo Weekly Horoscope 14th October - energy can be high, where do you use it? Patrick Arundell Astrology. Weekly Horoscopes with Michele Knight. I hope you enjoyed the video.

I do daily, weekly and monthly tarot readings. Donations are welcome at - www. Ep 4 Leo weekly horoscope 6 oct to 12 oct Astrogems Official. Link - www. Higher rate for calls from payphones and mobile phones. Terms and conditions apply. Pluto goes direct this week which brings a lifting of clouds and a sense of empowerment and relief. Mercury enters Scorpio bringing depth and intensity and Mars enters lovely Libra urging us to find balance. The Empress speaks to you of love and compassion.

How compassionate are you being with yourself? Have you been thinking about giving birth to a new idea? If so, it is about to come to fruition. Nurture your idea and give it […]. Create a members account for free.

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Psychic readings are at the usual premium rate — please see terms and conditions for details. Weekly Astrology Horoscope 16th September — Fabulous cosmic news! This week Venus the Planet of love goes into her favourite place Libra. Love can become more harmonious as we find harmony and balance. A grand earth trine helps us ground our dreams and build our future.