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As presented by Psychic in Los Angeles, it is really stunning to know the movement of stars and its effect on us. The birth chart is generally prepared by a Famous astrologer in Los Angeles, which helps in understanding their full astrological portrait of a person. Astrology is sometimes mistaken for various blind believes, in dead, astrology is a science. Apart from this, there are some other myths related to astrology, which are mentioned as follows. Some people may misinterpret that some of the astrologers will make money via remedies they say to their clients.

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But in fact, it is not so. But, it is not that we can escape from our fate. You can bring up anything that is important to you openly, safely and confidentially. As an expert on conundrums and the seemingly intractable, I can objectively and nonjudgmentally advise you on almost any matter of concern. You don't have to be in a crisis to gain insight from an astrology reading.

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Many people have personal consultations to broaden their well developed perspective. A reading can offer reassurance or remove illusions that may inhibit decisive action.

By understanding how the heavenly bodies have affected you in the past, are currently operating, and will impact upon you in the future , you stand to gain valuable insight into how to use the current cosmic climate to live a better, more satisfying, and empowered life. Your consultation includes a highly personalized detailed forecast for the upcoming calendar year.

If you are a veteran of astrology, I will omit the basic character profiling portion of the reading upon request and focus my interpretation on the past, present, and future matters of your choice. There are certain items of information I will need from you at the time you book your personal consultation. These include:.

Best Astrologer in California

There will be surcharges for more complex readings, additional persons, or traveling to you in the Los Angeles area. If you would rather pay by Venmo, payment is due in full in advance of the consultation. All remote and travel readings must be paid for in advance of the session by Venmo or invoice, no credit card numbers will be accepted verbally Current wait time for scheduling is between one and two weeks.

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Sometimes, sooner can be accommodated. I am usually only available by advance booking.

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If a general consultation and prognostication is not specific enough for your current needs, I offer many specialized analyses including synastry interpretations astrological compatability between any two charts , electional astrology determining the best upcoming dates for events such as weddings, surgery, or business openings , and astrocartography placing your chart in different world locations to determine where your objectives will best be met or what you might expect if you move to a given location.

I am also available to do mini-readings for parties in the Los Angeles area.

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There is no nicer or more personal birthday gift than an astrology reading and forecast. Gift readings are encouraged. I have extensively studied astrology and numerology since and have offered quality professional consultations since I have achieved the highest certifications from the two preeminent American astrological societies certificates pictured above and have taught all levels of astrology to both enthusiasts and aspiring professionals.

While I draw from a wide arsenal of tools and techniques, I believe in a direct, no nonsense, yet compassionate approach to divination consultation that is free of ambiguous references and arcane nomenclature. No matter what your reasons are for having a consultation with me, the tone of my readings is straightforward, upbeat, and helpful.

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