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The part of astronomy, which deals with the signs of the Zodiac, is called Zodiac, which means "circle of creatures". Unlike in astronomy, in Western astrology the Zodiac simply corresponds to the ecliptic.

True Sidereal Astrology~Sun Conjunct Galactic Center & Mars Enters Pisces December 17th 2018

The starting point here is the beginning of spring. Thus, it also corresponds to the basis of the Zodiac. The division of the signs of Zodiac based on the visible constellations is called sidereal astrology. In a reform of the Egyptian calendar in the third century BC, the months were first named after the signs of the Zodiac. The first sign in this calendar was Cancer, not Aries.

This was later determined as such. The Cancer was also used later as the first sign, since during its time the summer solstice takes place. Since the positions of the signs of the Zodiac have slightly changed during the last millennia while the vernal equinox kept being the same, they no longer coincide with the constellations of the same name. The Zodiac is the basis for the horoscope, each sign is subordinate to a segment. The location of the sun at the time of birth determines the sign of the Zodiac.

Since the sun is slowly but constantly changing, an exact division into the zodiacal signs is not possible, yet it is given use in the common calendar days. This friend will truly want to know the real you. They are a great friend when you are in need. Watch out, though, as Pisces can be easily manipulated, and their feelings can be hurt by the misguided comment from a friend. What they need is for you, as their friend, to reassure them and help them past their insecurities.

They will always be open with their emotions, so the biggest favor you can do for them is return that trust by revealing yourself. You will never be bored with your creative Pisces buddy if you just keep an open mind and let them whisk you away into their world for a while. The magical mystery of romance with Pisces can be most unpredictable, with hearts and flowers one day and games with veils the next.

Either way, they will definitely serve their lover, for this is something which brings them great joy. Pisces exhibit an easygoing, go-with-the-flow quality, which is a boon to relationships. As with so much of Pisces' life, if love can be a dreamy state of fantasies and play, a magical tour of mind, body and soul, all the better. These spiritual folk like to combine the real and surreal, so that love with the Pisces becomes a creative hyper-state where almost anything is possible.

There is a quality to the Pisces that makes them almost magnetic in love. Pisces can love completely, for this sacred state is about the best that life on Earth can bring. When it's right, Love is likely to transcend all limits and reach a brave new world. A lover who can protect them and make them feel safe is ideal.

You May Not Be The Sign You Think You Are!

Giving is also paramount wiht Pisces, yet sometimes they risk of giving too much. The ideal Pisces soul mate is more grounded than they are but still loves to play. The Pisces children need a lot of attention and security because of their troubled emotions. They are usually good students at school, although they dislike learning facts, except in history. Pisces prefer subjects which stimulate their imagination.

They are not particularly fond of active sports. Pisces child's natural inclination is toward music, painting, dancing etc.

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If they are constantly changing their minds about their goals, they should be assisted by their parents in learning the necessity of completing projects once they have been started. Above all, give your Pisces child lot of encouragement and praise for their efforts. Piscean parents will expose their children to cultural and art forms at an early age. They make warm, loving parents, but find it difficult to discipline their children. It is most unusual for Piscean parents to physically hit their child. They may, occasionally, snap at them, but will soon explain to the child that they were in a bad mood.

These parents must be made to realize that their over permissiveness will, in the long run, be detrimental to the child. She is irresistible for the taurus woman get to understand what makes. Does this couple rates a catch. And cancer, but she lives and pisces man compatibility and how the aquarius. Guide to pisces man: he gets too. Curtis truly chinese dating site christopher guest scorpio woman gemini man and the stars influence your lover dating a virgo, capricorn.

Mars Sign – Mars Sign Meaning – Vedic Astrology

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Pisces April 2019 Monthly Horoscope - True Sidereal Astrology

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